New Products

New tool series EURACRYL TR. Turning tools with diamond cutting edges for high gloss finish

6 new tool models with a total of 88 tool options for longitudinal, face and internal turning. For processing glossy and transparent plastics (PMMA, PC, etc.) as well as non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, etc.). Unbeatable: round, shiny acrylic glass parts starting from square cuts in one operation with a turning depth of up to 22 mm. Download catalog here.

A20 Euracryl Pulidora de Canto

Edge polishing machine EURACRYL A20 (concept II) goes into the 2nd round

Our best-selling edge polishing machine EURACRYL A20 goes into the 2nd round with some improvements. The housing is now made of heat-dissipating aluminum. It has an improved milling spindle. And setting the material thickness is now more comfortable thanks to the use of a clamping lever. With new accessories – occasionally – larger material formats can be processed.

Neu VSLOT Kantenpoliermaschinen 2018 Euracryl

Milling / slotting machine EURACRYL V-SLOT CONCEPT II

After almost 3 years, EURACRYL GmbH starts again the production of the successful v-slotting machine EURACRYL V-SLOT. The second generation shines with many improvements: more easy change of tool, greater thickness of material, work table with more surface, etc. With this machine you can produce covers, boxes, shelves, etc. in a fast, efficient and precise way. With the new tooling system, you can now process more materials, including wood, and also produce different milling angles (space for glue).

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The unique polishing system EURACRYL ES with quick changeable diamond cutters enters the second round and is now called EURACRYL EL (easy lock)

At the European Sign Expo (FESPA) in Berlin, EURACRYL GmbH presented for the first time the new EURACRYL EL milling / polishing system (patent pending) with quick changeable diamond cutters for edge polishing machines, which after almost two successful decades will complement the existing EURACRYL ES system. The new system is faster and safer and, in addition to PMMA, polycarbonate, etc., also allows to process many other materials and mixtures of materials (PMMA + aluminum / paper, etc).


New chamfering machine EURACRYL V3 with tilting head

The new chamfering machine EURACRYL V3 allows chamfers from 30 ° to 60 ° with a glossy or satin finish. It has an automatic feed unit and precise milling depth control. There is a selection of tools with up to 60 options for all types of plastics and composites.