KUPER 2023 Euracryl

This year again the new edition of the KUPER in-house exhibition. On October 27th and 28th, 2023 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you can experience the ABP310CNC edge polishing machine live alongside all other KUPER products. We also display the 3rd generation of the compact edge polishing machine EURACRYL A20 CUBE as well as many tools for CNC machining centers, lathes and edge polishing machines. For more information click on the image to the left.

2023 signExpo Las Vegas

EURACRYL at SignExpo 2023 in Las Vegas

From April 12 to 14, the EURACRYL DIAMOND LINE diamond tools for high gloss milling will be present at SignExpo 2023 in Las Vegas with the collaboration of our partner X-EDGE Products Inc. In addition, the new version for the USA of our best-selling polisher EURACRYL A20 will be seen for the first time in its exclusive design for X-EDGE.

2023 euroshop

EURACRYL at the EUROSHOP 2023 in Düsseldorf

From February 26 to March 2 EURACRYL participates again in the EUROSHOP in Düsseldorf (Germany) presenting new models of machines and tools that will be specified later.

Together with our partners, a new edition of the KUPER in-house exhibition will take place on October 18th and 19th, 2022. We will present the improved version of the edge polishing machine KUPER EURACRYL ABP310 CNC and the slotting machine EURACRYL V-SLOT CIII. All other machine models will also be on display, as well as a wide range of tools for CNC milling centers and edge polishing machines.



From September 08 to 11 our distributor in Turkey Set Ankara Reklam Makineleri will exhibit a selection of EURACRYL products and will be able to give direct information about our complete range of tools and machines.

EURACRYL at the TECHNISHOW 2022 in Utrecht / Holland

From August 30th to September 2nd, EURACRYL will be showing everything to do with the high gloss finishing of light metals and plastics at the booth of our partner CNC Freestechniek. Milling, turning, drilling etc. Our tools are the result of almost 3 decades of research and cooperation with engineers, universities and customers. Visit us and be amazed at how far the state of the technology has come.


EURACRYL at the C!PRINT 2022 in Madrid.

From 26 to 28 April, EURACRYL will present machines and tools for the processing of transparent plastics at the C!PRINT in Madrid. The models will be determined according to the demands of customers in Spain and Portugal.

Nordemham 2021

EURACRYL at the Technology Days 2021 in the Technologiezentrum Nordenham

At the Technology Days 2021 in Nordenham (Germany), innovative and leading products and technologies will be presented. EURACRYL GmbH presents the high-gloss machining of plastics and metals with a 30-minute lecture on the basics of high-gloss machining and the presentation of the self-developed and produced tools of the EURACRYL DIAMOND LINE series.

FESPA 2021 Amsterdam

EURACRYL at FESPA Amsterdam 2021

From October 12th to 15th, the diamond tools for high gloss EURACRYL DIAMOND LINE in cooperation with the machine manufacturer for milling / cutting machines HASLER will be represented at FESPA Amsterdam 2021.


Due to the cancellation of this year’s LIGNA, we are alternatively organizing a new edition of the KUPER in-house exhibition together with our partners on September 27, 28 and 29, 2021. We will announce soon further details about the schedule, the products on display, promotions, etc.!!

LIGNA 2021 Hannover - Deutschland - Germany

EURACRYL at the LIGNA 2021 in Hannover (Germany).

The lean period that caused the CORONA crisis is slowly coming to an end. At least that’s what the incoming orders at EURACRYL show. That’s why we decided to dare to exhibit at LIGNA again. Together with our partner KUPER we will present the new versions of the fully automated ABP310 edge polishing machine and the groove milling machine V-SLOT PLUS for folding work. Other interesting models will also be shown, such as the swiveling facet milling machine V3, the desktop edge polishing machine A20 etc. as well as the complete range of diamond tools for polishing machines and for CNC machining centers.

wetec 2020 Euracryl Stuttgart

The new edition of the WETEC will be the presentation framework for a renewed and more independent EURACRYL as well as the new EURACRYL products

For EURACRYL the year 2019 has been a crucial year. A year of renewal and investments in the future. New products have been created such as the new line of diamond tools for CNC milling and turning machines, the new EURACRYL EL (EASY LOCK) system for quick changeable cutters for edge polishing machines and the new version of our best-selling edge polishing machines model A20 (THE CUBE). In addition, EURACRYL has grown and reduced its dependence on suppliers by acquiring a diamond manufacturing company, manufacturing own machines in own factory, etc.

siane 2019

EURACRYL in collaboration with COIN S.A.A. at SIANE 2019 in Toulouse (France)

Our new representative in France COIN S.A.S. will show during the SIANE 2019, among other things, the tools of EURACRYL in action in their CNC milling machines during the SIANE 2019. A good opportunity to learn more about more than 1000 tools for CNC machining, 2700 tools for edge polishing machines and 30 special machines from EURACRYL.

awfs-2019 Las Vegas, Nevada

EURACRYL and DECUTEC in collaboration with STILES at AWFS 2019 in Las Vegas

No other American fair is as important as the AWFS. Reason enough for EURACRYL and DECUTEC to present the products that make both companies globally unique. Our common distributor STILES presents the new DECUTEC aggregates for CNC machining machines. These allow engraving by laser in a CNC milling machine with the laser engraving or aggregate or cutting various materials with the ultrasonic cutting aggregate.

Messe Feria Ligna 2019 Hannover

EURACRYL at the LIGNA 2019 in Hannover (Germany).

The LIGNA is the most important fair of the year and therefore an event in which EURACRYL cannot miss. From May 27 to 31, EURACRYL will present 3 new machines. All of them are the result of an exhaustive market investigation. Solutions to latent problems of the clients surveyed.

Likewise, other interesting models will be presented, such as the ABP310 CNC large format polishing machine with CNC control, the V3 tilting chamfering machine, the M3 edge polisher for protruding edges, etc. As well as the complete range of diamond tools for polishing machines and for CNC milling machines.

Portugal Print Portugal 2019

EURACRYL at the PORTUGAL PRINT 2019 in Lisbon

From the 14th to the 16th of February you can see the EURACRYL products on the stand of the company OUPLAN during the PORTUGAL PRINT fair in Lisbon.

Fespa Eurasia 2018 Euracryl Estambul

EURACRYL at the FESPA EURASIA 2018 in Istanbul.

From 06 to 09 of December, EURACRYL will be present at the FESPA EURASIA in Istanbul with its new representation from Turkey. The M3 edge polishing machine and the V3 chamfering machine will be exhibited as examples of the extensive range of machines that EURACRYL already has.

FMB 2018

Edge polishing machine EURACRYL ABP310 CNC on the FMB 2018.

The company Delta Electronics Netherlands BV presents the EURACRYL ABP310 CNC edge polishing machine during the FMB 2018 with special attention to the electrical concept as well as the unique software solution.

Ouplan Portugal Euracryl octubre 2018

OPEN HOUSE at OUPLAN in Portugal.

From October 10th to 11th an OPEN HOUSE will take place at our representative in Portugal. Products from OUPLAN and EURACRYL will be presented, including the EURACRYL M3 edge polishing machine and tools for processing transparent plastics in CNC milling machines.

Address: CNEMA (Centro Nacional De Exposicoes E Mercados Agricola) in Santarem, Portugal.


EURACRYL at the C!PRINT 2018 in Madrid.

From 25 to 27 September, EURACRYL will present new machines for the processing of transparent plastics at the C!PRINT in Madrid. The models will be determined according to the demands of customers in Spain and Portugal.

For the first time in Spain, the new system of interchangeable diamond cutters EURACRYL EL (easy lock) for edge polishers will be presented, which will replace the current EURACRYL ES system after almost two decades of success.


Presentation of the EURACRYL machines at the “Journées Techniques CNC France Lyon” event of the FELDER Group

From 04 to 09 June, EURACRYL will present its edge polishing machines at the facilities of FELDER FRANCE in Lyon as part of the Journées Techniques CNC France Lyon. This event will mark the beginning of the new distribution line through FELDER GROUP in France among other countries.

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Presentation of new products at the EUROPEAN SIGN EXPO in Berlin.

From 15 to 18 May, EURACRYL will be presenting new machines for the processing of transparent plastics at the EUROPEAN SIGN EXPO (FESPA) in Berlin. These include the CNC-controlled large format polishing machine ABP310 CNC, the tilting chamfering machine V3, the vertical polishing machine A20 and A70 and 3 laser cutting machines.

Additional will be presented for the first time the new EURACRYL EL (Easy Lock) milling / polishing system with quick changeable diamond teeth for edge polishing machines, which will replace the previous EURACRYL ES system after almost two successful decades.