Euracryl CNC Polisher machine for acrylglass

Since 1995 we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to the technical development, manufacture and distribution of technical equipment for processing transparent and glossy plastics such as acrylic (PMMA), polycarbonate, PETG, etc. as well as other materials such as aluminum composites, glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastics, and much more. EURACRYL GmbH is known worldwide in the acrylic edge polishing machine industry and is a technical leader among acrylic diamond edge polishing machine manufacturers and suppliers.

Our main field is diamond edge polishing in diamond polishing machines and CNC milling machines, especially, acrylic edge polisher.

Our product range:

– 2,700 different diamond polishing heads, for 210 different edge polishing machines for acrylic (polishing milling machines), from 61 manufacturers in 21 countries

– More than 1,000 standard tools for CNC milling machines (CNC polishing tools), with monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond cutting edges as well as made of CVD and hard metal (CNC polishing tools, diamond polishing tools, floor polishers, etc.)

– various specialized machines (CNC polishing machines, faceting machines etc.) e.g. to polish PMMA

– used equipment as used edge polishing machine, used diamond polishing tools, etc.

– as well as a large selection of useful accessories and useful measuring devices

Our products enable to polish PMMA, PC, PETG, SAN, mixed materials (e.g. PMMA with aluminum or paper) and many more, as well as the production of high-gloss, glossy and satined surfaces or surfaces to be glued.

In addition, we sharpen and repair tools from EURACRYL and other acrylic machine manufacturers quickly and economically.

Nordemham 2021

EURACRYL at the Technology Days 2021 in the Technologiezentrum Nordenham

At the Technology Days 2021 in Nordenham (Germany), innovative and leading products and technologies will be presented. EURACRYL GmbH presents the high-gloss machining of plastics and metals with a 30-minute lecture on the basics of high-gloss machining and the presentation of the self-developed and produced tools of the EURACRYL DIAMOND LINE series.

Euracryl V20 Mini-Desktop-Poliermaschine

Manual desktop polishing machine EURACRYL V20 for deburring, chamfering, etc.

With the EURACRYL V20, transparent and glossy plastics can be processed without any problems. The edges can be deburred quickly and efficiently or, if necessary, high-gloss 90 ° chamfers and bevels can be created as well as satin-finished ones. Tension-free adhesive surfaces can also be created. The prism guide can be exchanged to change the angle between 90 ° and 93 °.


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