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Since 1995, we have been dedicated exclusively to the technical development, manufacturing and distribution of technical equipment for the processing of transparent and glossy plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, etc.) and currently offer the world’s largest selection of machinery and tools in this industry.

Our product program includes:

– 2,700 options for diamond milling heads for 180 models of edge polishing machines (diamond polishers) from 54 manufacturers in 14 countries

– more than 1,000 standard tools for CNC milling machines of monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond as well as CVD and carbide

– 30 specialized machines

– and a wide selection of useful accessories and measuring devices

Our products enable processing of PMMA, PC, PETG, SAN, mixed materials (e.g., PMMA + aluminum or paper) and many more. As well as the production of high-gloss, standard gloss and satin surfaces or surfaces to be glued.

In addition, we resharpen and repair tools from EURACRYL and other manufacturers quickly and economically.

wetec 2020 Euracryl Stuttgart

The new edition of the WETEC will be the presentation framework for a renewed and more independent EURACRYL as well as the new EURACRYL products

For EURACRYL the year 2019 has been a crucial year. A year of renewal and investments in the future. New products have been created such as the new line of diamond tools for CNC milling and turning machines, the new EURACRYL EL (EASY LOCK) system for quick changeable cutters for edge polishing machines and the new version of our best-selling edge polishing machines model A20 (THE CUBE). In addition, EURACRYL has grown and reduced its dependence on suppliers by acquiring a diamond manufacturing company, manufacturing own machines in own factory, etc.

Neu VSLOT Kantenpoliermaschinen 2018 Euracryl

Milling / slotting machine EURACRYL V-SLOT CONCEPT II

After almost 3 years, EURACRYL GmbH starts again the production of the successful v-slotting machine EURACRYL V-SLOT. The second generation shines with many improvements: more easy change of tool, greater thickness of material, work table with more surface, etc. With this machine you can produce covers, boxes, shelves, etc. in a fast, efficient and precise way. With the new tooling system, you can now process more materials, including wood, and also produce different milling angles (space for glue).

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